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June 18, 2010

If my last newborn could be nicknamed Mr. Mellow, this little guy would have to be Mr. Feisty.  Boy, did he keep me on my toes! Sweet as pie and just adorable, but so, so awake and particular about how he wanted to sleep.  Eventually, I caught on to the message he was trying to send and just let him pose himself–much happier baby:).  There is no substitute for flexibility and patience when it comes to working with these perfect, new little people.

Joey, 8 and 10 days:).

Could anything be more darling?

Don’t let the yawn fool you–Joey was NOT going to let a little thing like sleep cause him to miss the party;).

Even the most determined newborn can’t hold out forever:).

Couldn’t be sweeter or more loved (look at his gorgeous grandma who traveled all the way from Costa Rica!):

Thanks for coming to play, little man–so wonderful to meet you!

jill hardy: oh how gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE that one of mom, gma & baby, so beautiful! you rock Jess!

lisa lucky: jessica, they are beautiful. truly! nice to see a grandma in there too!

Heather Latimer: All of these are just beautiful, Jess! If I ever had another baby, we might just have to fly you down to Tn for the session!!!

Vickie: Beautiful. I love the faces collage. So cute.

Janice: These are darling!! Love the facial expressions you captured! I adore the 3 generation shot. Such a beautiful keepsake.

Katherine: These are absolutely beautiful! You captured such wonderful variety (and I love all his cute expressions!).

Angela: These are beautiful! Gorgeous light!

Leandra: Love that shot on the gray and what a special shot with grandma- beautiful work.

Jen Stafford: These are beautiful. I love all the cute facial expressions.

Belle: very sweet shots, and I love how he posed himself :-)

Megan: So precious!!

Kristi Mangan: these are so sweet! Love the variety of expressions you captured! The shot on the grey fur is wonderful! Beautiful work!!

April: Beautiful as always!

Ashleigh-Faye: AMAZING!!! Love these.. A lot. The light is yummy and he looked like a angel to photograph :)

Leanne: What stunning images, I love the 3 generations together. So special.

Keri: These are gorgeous!!

Lina: Those are just stunning! I love all the family shots, but the one in the basket has divine lighting. Beautiful!

Jennifer Pondillo: These are wonderful. A huge variety of nice photos! Nice collage work!

melissa: Aw, isn't he adorable!! Love that grandma got in the pictures as well!

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