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May 9, 2010

I just love them.  I love being one.  I love my mother, my husband’s mother, my grandmothers, his grandmothers, my friends who are just wonderful mothers, my clients becoming new mothers.  I am so blessed every day by the mothers in my own life and by the privilege of being a mother to my own children.  In all my life, I don’t think I’ll ever do anything more challenging, frustrating, tedious, or overwhelming.  And in all my life, I don’t think I’ll ever do anything more important, rewarding, or educational, or anything with more lasting consequences than being a mother.

So, thank you to my own mother who taught me how to be a mother.  Thank you to the other mothers who have lifted, cared for, and inspired me.  Thank you to my children who have taught me to feel more love than the human heart should have the capacity to contain.  And finally, thank you to my Father in Heaven for trusting me with four of his own very precious children.

Mom J and Mom W?  Um, watch your doorstep for a little surprise looking an awful lot like the above.  Motherhood also affects punctuality;).  Love you guys!

Leandra: Oh SOOOO cute! Jack looks like a little baby doll they are playing with.

Keri: Jess your words brought tears to my eyes, and that photo is just perfect!

jen wright: oh my goodness gracious this photo is ADORABLE!!!

melissa: beautiful! :)

Anya Coleman: Beautiful shot!Lovely!

Emily: Your kids are beautiful and I love your girls' hair stuff!

Kimber-Lee: LOVE IT!! Such an awesome picture... what a great concept! Just another testiment to your talent & dedication of being a wonderful mother & an amazing photographer.

Janice: Oh how simply perfect! Happy Mother's Day Jess!

Rose: Beautiful image! Your post made me teary!

Jen Stafford: Your kids are adorable, and what a gorgeous photo of them!

Marie Gross: Just plain gorgeous. Miss you guys!

Edna: I am so lucky to be one of those grandmas! I'm watching eagerly for that package! It's going to be smothered in kisses straightaway!

Jennifer Pondillo: Adorable family!

lisa lucky: jessica...this is beautiful. the photo, yes, but mostly your words:)

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