Friends – Clifton Park Family Photographer

May 8, 2010

And good ones at that:).

You know when you move to a new place and you instantly love it just because of the people you meet there?  When we moved to Port Orchard, WA right after my husband graduated, I was a little bit apprehensive.  There was no Target, no Old Navy, let alone Restoration Hardware or the GAP.  Although my grandmother grew up there, we didn’t really know anyone who lived there.  I just didn’t anticipate falling in love with the place.  And then we went to church.  And we met one of the most amazing groups of women I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Seriously, I was inspired every day by my friends there, and knowing them has changed me forever.

With that little bit of backstory, you now have a slightly better idea of how excited I was to hear that one of those amazing women was moving (with her family) to Connecticut for a few months.  I was even more excited when Mother Nature decided to push up the time table for spring so that their session could take place among the blooming apple trees.  We had a wonderful, relaxing visit, a great meal (although any meal involving 8 kids is going to be a bit crazy), and then headed out to capture a little bit of fun.

The kids:

The oldest (gorgeous as ever):

The boy (such a handsome guy):

The middle one (so cute and fun, and look at those curls!):

And the baby one (totally sweet, if not totally in to having portraits taken):

And what’s a family session without a little fun (on your mark, get set, GO!):

Tiff, Jake, I cannot tell you what a treat it was to see your family.  The girls keep asking when we’re going to see you again.  Better clear your calendar;).

Tiffany Jones: I love them so much!!!!

Keri: what a beautiful family!!!! these are wonderful images!

Cherron: These are so fun!!! Beautiful.

Ramsey Garza: Beautiful photos, family and location.

Trina: Beautiful! You have such a nice variety and the family s hots are so fun!

Marie Gross: That location is to die for!

Mollie Kendall: What a beautiful family! I love your location. Great job :)

Rose: Gorgeous location! The are beautiful!

Sherri: one word: jealous! jealous of the time with you, jealous of the beautiful pics...jealous!

April: These are beautiful Jessica!

Jen Stafford: I love these. What a great location. You did a beautiful job :)

melissa: beautiful family and such a gorgeous location!

Julia Wade: bah!! that location is perfection jess! not to mention your photographs!!!!! beautiful beautiful beautiful

Christine: wow, these are beautiful! LOVE the location, well done!!

Megan: Great job! You rocked the first shot. :)

Janice: What a cute family and so much fun!! Beautiful job Jess!

Amanda Radovic: ooooh gorgeous....I love the location too. Love the running photo :-)

Jennifer Pondillo: Great location and nice photos!

Jane Photo: Such adorable kiddos. Love your images. Great location. Love the run.

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