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February 10, 2010

This baby girl is just that: absolutely and 100% adored by her mama.  I don’t know that I have ever met a mother so completely in awe of and in love with her baby girl.  We talked about that moment after you have your baby when you think, “Oh my goodness, she’s mine.  I can’t believe she’s mine and I get to keep her forever.” It just gave me such a thrill to watch this new mother wonder at the life she has created–and she truly is a stunning work of art.  Baby Isla is just a little bit of perfection.  I have a feeling that “no” is going to be a difficult word to come by in this household.

Isla was awake when she showed up for her session.  Rarely have I seen a baby this little so alert, yet calm.  She definitely knew how to work the camera:).  And isn’t that sweet little mouth just begging for some kisses?

Caught a little smile!

With her beautiful, infatuated mama:).

And this just might be my very favorite from the session–just love the simplicity of it:

Erin, thank you so much for sharing your precious little one with me today.  I just loved every minute I was able to spend with her–you are a lucky, lucky woman!

April: What a gorgeous little girl! I have to agree with you about the last one, but they are all beautiful!

Heather: All so beautiful, but I agree about the last one. I just love the little hands and feet peeking out!

Missy: Gorgeous!!!

Laurie: These are sooo gorgeous! What a gift to have photos like this of your newborn.

jill hardy: *swoon* absolutely gorgeous!

Janice: The best thing about seeing the maternity pics is seeing the same mom with the baby later. I love that shot of mom and baby. So very sweet. What a beautiful baby girl! Jess, you always do such a great job capturing all the sweetness!!

Cindy: Gorgeous, beautiful work! Love that 1st one, you make eye contact with a newborn seem easy!

Angela: Oh, what a perfect pair this mommy and baby make! Gorgeous light (as usual), and gorgeous posing!

Shannon Morgan Photography: No that is one of the most beautiful newborns I have EVER seen!!! Fantastic job jess!

Beira: I absolutely love the eye contact--she has beautiful eyes like her mother. Your black and whites are perfect!

Tina: I remember this momma from her maternity session. Such a sweet baby. That last one is so perfect.

Melissa: Adorable, Jessica. Just love skin and perfect posing. Mom must be so in love with these!

Shonda Feddema: They are all wonderful but I really love the second shot!

Stephanie: WOW! Your work is inspirational. Just amazing.

--cherry.: these are so sweet! beautiful work!

Tiffany Bender: The one with mom is amazing!! Beautiful work

Becky Naffine: Wow gorgeous photos and a stunning baby girl. I remember the pregnancy photos you did not long ago :)

Beth Ross: BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them all. What a gorgeous baby and mother.

Julie Wagoner: Oh my goodness, I love all of these! The eye contact in the first is stunning and the shot with mama melts my heart. Great job!

Amber Shereen: Really lovely, Jessica!

Ashleigh-Faye: What great eye contact on #1 and that smile on #2 just amazing

Leandra: What a beautiful baby- she looks so "girlie" already- just precious. Love the anecdote about mom being so in love too.

Krissy Allori: Oh my, what a beautiful little girl. I love every single one of them. Your work is always so stunning - you never disappoint.

Katherine: Oh wow!! These are so beautiful!

kati: jess these are wonderful!! that last one is pure perfection!! Lovely session

Julie: These are gorgeous! The one of mom and the baby is just lovely!!

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