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February 26, 2010

I have a confession to make.  I have hair envy.  Bad.

But wait, Jessica, you have more hair than any sane person would even know what to do with.

This is true.  But my babies don’t.  Despite Mommy’s over-abundance of thick, curly locks, my own dear children enter this world very nearly bald.  And stay that way for a loooong time.  And have first haircuts a week before Kindergarten starts.

So when my Wednesday client leaned over to me as I was gushing over her truly beautiful son, said, “Wait ’til you see his hair,” and pulled off his hat, I squealed like a little girl.  Seriously, I did.  It’s a little embarrassing, actually.

7-day old Grayson was just absolutely darling with his long limbs and all that gorgeous, cannot-be-tamed hair.  He kept me on my toes with the sweet little baby smiles he’d flash nearly every time I brought the camera away from my face–by the time I raised it up again the smile would be gone.  After a while, though, I caught on and managed to grab a couple lightning-quick little grins.

Grayson on day 7:

Here’s a little smile:

And just the tail end of another one–look at that hair!

One more, up close:

It was almost a shame to cover up that darling head of his, but we did it anyway:).

And, oh, he made Mommy, Daddy, and I work for this shot, but we got it!

Grayson, thanks for making me smile.  I’m glad I got to see you do the same:).

Julie Bardin: Beautiful shots of my precious little nephew...I adore each one (you too Grayson). :)

Janice: Absolutely stunning Jess! He is so precious and you captured him so beautifully!

Keri: so beautiful!!! what is it with these babies and their awesome hair?!?!

Brandon: We absolutely love the pictures Jess! Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job capturing our little guy!

Daniel: Jessica, These are all perfect! Mom and dad must be thrilled!!

Alyssa: I love them all. That hair is just adorable.

April: You are a busy lady lately :) these are all beautiful of course! The first and last ones are my favorite.

Jennifer: He is a darling and these pictures are insanely beautiful!!

Jessica Hamlin: Gorgeous!!! Your newborn work is so wonderful!

Laura Brett: Oh my goodness he is too precious for words. Beautiful work!

Janice: What a dream he is. Great shots for a lifetime of remembering.

kati: wonderful work Jess. You really do capture wonderful images for these new parents

Angela: Precious!! I love that hair so much...and the tones in the bear hat pic...awesome!

jill hardy: love them!!! especially the little close up lips, absoluteyl adorable!!!

Salina J: What a perfect little one - your lighting is great in these.

Heather: Love that first one, Jess! Awesome job!

mollie: seriously stunning

Ashley Brown: Really wonderful, Jess! I love the lip closeup and that hair is beautiful.

Aunt Karen: I just took a peek at this webste; he is ADORABLE; so cute and expressive for a newborn. The photos capture him perfectly.

April: Absolutely stunning, Jess! Every single one!

Chris: Thanks for capturing such beautiful memories of my sweet grandbaby Grayson!

Amber: Oh...these are perfection. LOVE them!!

lisa lucky: jessica, these are so beautiful! wonderful job! and how funny about the hair envy!

anette: I love them all. He's so cute and that little smile melts my heart.

Jane Photo: Just too precious. Love his hair and love that last one.

Mindy: STUNNING Jessica, as always! You are an amazing newborn photographer! Love these so much!

Emily Smith: Beautiful!! I love these! What a precious baby.

phoenix wedding photographer: great shots! i love how you always capture the details for the parents.

Ali: What a gorgeous little baby! Great session.

Megan: sweet! He just looks so tiny in #1. :)

Jennifer Breton: Beautiful work, Jessica! The lighting on that first one is extraordinary!

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