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February 8, 2010

I truly think there is nothing dearer to a mother’s heart than seeing how much her children love each other.  Case in point, yesterday my Julia was getting in the tub to get ready for church and asked, “Is Bella going to take a bath?”  “Yep, and Emily too.”  Her response: “Emily too?!  All my friends?!  All my friends are going to take a bath?!”  I am still smiling about it.

Saturday I had a session with the darling-est (yep, I’m going to say that’s a real word) 7-month little girl and her wonderful big brother.  You could just tell she adores him by the way her eyes just tracked him around the room.  He was so, so sweet back to her–so patient and kind and interested in her.  How lucky they are and will be to have each other as they grow up!

This one just made me giggle–he was trying to get baby sister to smile (On a side note, how fabulous are their outfits together?  Mom did such a great job!).

This is a better representation of their actual relationship:

After a few abysmal attempts on my own and some coaching from Henry, I finally made it through the whole alphabet without any mistakes–who knew my sleep-deprivation had gotten so bad?  He’s one smart cookie:).

And I could not get over gorgeous Lila’s delicious rolls, beautiful eyes, or those LIPS!  Mom and Dad are in trouble for sure.  I have his same shot w/a smile, but oh, how I love the hand placement, those wide eyes, and her little mouth in this one.

A session favorite–can you see her grabbing his foot?

Thanks for such a fun morning guys, and for alphabet lessons!

Jaidean: Oh, these are just adorable!!! That first one totally made me smile!

this n that: These are wonderful!! I love the interaction here. -Shellie

Cindy: Love these! You really captured their adorable relationship and sweet personalities!

Angela: Sooooo cute! Gorgeous lighting, and wonderful interaction caught! Love it!

Megan: #4 is to die for! Great job!

Rachel: Adorable!!! I love the last one it's priceless. I would make this into a huge canvas if they were my children.

April: All of them are fabulous! The last one is my favorite, so sweet!

stacey: ooooh, my gosh! I can't pick a favorite! these are amazing.

Janice: They are adorable! I love the relationship you captured in these shots!

Leandra: Those rolls are to die for! How wonderful to freeze these moments in time for this family- the sibling interaction and more importantly the squishy baby phase.

lindsay: gorgeous! i love the connection you caught between them! and i LOVE the way you used the fur in the 4th one!

mollie: oh precious precious! great work.

Kimberly Marie: Oh, these are all so precious! wonderful work. :)

az wedding photography: LOVE these, seriously they are all too sweet, but i love the first and last ones the most!

Gail: As a proud great-aunt of these two...they are beautiful reflections of their parents! You did a wonderful job!

Zoe Berkovic: That first one made me giggle! And that naked baby on the fur, perfection!

Sarah: ha ha, that first one cracks me up! So adorable!!

Salina J: These are so adorable. What great images for this family to keep forever. Just gorgeous children.

Katie: Thank you Jessica for bringing out the best in my little ones. They look fantastic! Thanks for a great day.

Julie Wagoner: Oh, what a precious sibling pair! I love the relationship you were able to capture. Great job!

Terra: I love these,you captured such great interactions! I love that their bond is so apparent :)

Julie: Amazing sibling shots Jessica!! These are fabulous!

Heather: Wonderful work, once again! I love the last one - what a great sibling shot! And the one of Baby Sis on the gray fur? Gorgeous!

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