So Pretty – Clifton Park, NY Child Photographer

December 30, 2009

I had the opportunity to photograph two darling little girls for the belle and the beau.  I didn’t have a lot of time with either of them, but it was a fun change of pace to photograph some older subjects, especially such pretty ones.  Their moms have both been so patient.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

I photographed this little “angel” (see blog header) for her first birthday last year.  Mom says she’s entered the stoic phase:).  I can’t get enough of her darling blonde curls and those blue, blue eyes!

Okay, I just love the little brow furrow.

She’s a pretty lucky mom who gets to hear sweet two-year old whispers out of this darling mouth every day:).

This lovely lady was so much fum to spend time with–and she came with a lot of ideas about what to wear and how to pose.  Her red hair just kills me–LOVE it!  Mom was in another room while we shot, and I know she’s been dying to see what we captured.

Just so CUTE!

Total session favorite!  She put this outfit together:).

Thanks so much girls!  It was so fun to spend a bit of the afternoon with you!

jennifer adams: awww what beautiful girls, I just love their curly hair, and that pink flower band!

melissa: Aw, look at that red hair - gorgeous! And love the pouty look on the younger little girl - such cute captures:)

Robbie: Aww these are precious! They are gorgeous images and your lighting is perfection!

Cherron: Both of these little ladies have hair that I hope one of my daughters will have! They are precious and I love the headbands.

Karen Harrison: These are simply gorgeous! Lovely little girls, and beautiful work from you. Love 'em!

Dana: Oh, I love them all. I love the seriousness of the 2yr old - so typical for that age. I love the one of her playing with the block train. And the red-head - oh, that last one is perfect!!!!

Tanya: These are to DIE for!! What beautiful lighting, and stunning models! That hair!!!

Ketti: The last one is so adorable! Great work!

April: These two are such darling little girls! I love the serious expressions on the blondie:) Love the last outfit. So much spunk!

Krissy Allori: These are all so great! The headbands and petties are totally cute too. They photograph really well!

Jen: Love all of these. What gorgeous little girls!

megan parker: These are all awesome! Love the accessories!

Ingrid: These are so precious! I LOVE her red hair! beautiful!

Kristi Mangan: These are so much fun! I love the flower headbands... adorable! Such pretty girls - you captured them beautifully!

Angela: These are so beautiful!! You did a wonderful job...those eyes in the first beauty really stand out, and that gorgeous red hair in the second...awesome!!

Jenny McMasters: These two girls are sooo incredibly beautiful! You captured such beautiful images and they really show their personalities!

Tina Stinson: so clean and classy! What darling girls as well, great job!

Laurie: These are fantastic! Such pretty girls, beautiful color, great job.

Mindy: Sigh... so lovely!!! Beautiful little girls! I love their eyes... and that red hair! Wonderful captures!

Leandra: All so cute and girly! What adorable expressions you captured too.

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