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November 30, 2009

Why is it that the baby boys seem to blessed with the most gorgeous lashes, lips and skin?  It’s an enigma, but it’s true.  Take 3-month old baby Craig for example.  Lashes so long they almost hit his eyebrows, the cutest plump little lips, and a perfect peaches and cream complexion.  The moment he walked, or rather was carried, in the door, I knew I was just going to be in heaven drinking in his sweetness.  I can tell Mom and Grandma are completely smitten with him; who wouldn’t be?  Mom came all the way from Westchester County for Craig’s session, and we had such a fun morning.

How cute is the hat Mom brought?

I am just in love with this big grin!

Mom missed the newborn phase but was still really, really hoping for some sleeping shots, and at three months that’s a tall order.  Most babies this age won’t stay asleep for even a few shots.  A little quiet mommy-baby time, a big bottle, and lots of patience later, though, we hit the jackpot:).

See what I mean?  Lashes, lips and gorgeous complexion!

After a little nap, we snuck in a few more.

Thanks for the workout, Craig:).  Such a pleasure to meet you!

Keri: Wow...these are all stunning! The 2nd one is perfection; I'd have to have that as a large canvas if this little cutie were mine. I can't believe you were able to get such wonderful variety with a 3-month-old!! Great work as always!

giovanna: Gorgeous!! I bet the family is going to want a whole wall of each and every one of these! They are all gorgeous and if it were my baby I'd have to have them all!

jill hardy: i totally agree with Keri, the bigget the better on that shot, WOW!!! 3 months is a HARD age, but you'd never know it from these pics! Beautiful work!

alicia: What a precious babe, just want to kiss him. Love the way you captured him!

April: I totally agree about the eyelash thing! Gorgeous work!

Tina: Oh those lashes and lips! Gorgeous! Man, I'm sure you are making this tough on the Mom! I would plaster my walls with these

Angela: Sooo beautiful! Those lashes are amazing, and that's wonderful that he slept for you too!!

Andrea: oh. my. goodness. (sigh) perfection!!!

Janice: Beautiful! His eyes are just amazing. You captured them beautifully! #2 is so wonderful. He totally draws me in. I would love to see a big print of that one! The eyelash one is stunning as well!

Melissa Rodriguez: Great job! 3 months is such a hard age and you really rocked it. I love these and bet Mom & Dad do too! Great work!

heavenesque: So cute!! So so CUTE!!

Kimberly Marie: Gorgeous- LOVE 2 and 4. All are perfect!!

jennifer adams: awww how precious and beautiful, your lighting and colors are awesome too!

Corine Tran: stunning images, just love those big brown eyes!

Dana: Wow - just wow - how will mom ever choose? You got amazing variety in this session - a sleeping 3-monther?!? Beautifully done! I LOVE the last shot - just love it!

Summer: Oh wow Jessica, these are STUNNING, beautiful! WOW! I honestly can NOT decide which one is my favorite, they are all so perfect!

melissa: Wow! Look at those eyes!! (and lashes!!!) Beautiful work. And to get sleepy shots of a 3-month-old??! Fabulously done!

kati: oh my, these are stunning Jess!! Wow! your work always always amazes me. Mom and Dad will love them all!

Karen Byker: I really LOVE #5 such a cutie!

Robbie: These are all stunning - how will they ever choose?

Amy: Just way to cute..Great Job..

Lisa Kryschuk: What a gorgeous baby, and three months is the hardest age I find!!! You did an amazing job!

Megan: woah look at those lashes! Gorgeous

Tiona: My goodness! These are some gorgeous images. The "big grin" image is perfection!!

Cherron: I'm impressed with your ability to capture such wonderful shots of a three month old! That age is so tough, but these are fantastic.

angela crutcher: These are alll so wonderful! 3 month olds can be such a difficult age to capture sometimes but you would never know that looking at these! Beautiful work!

Jane Photo: Too sweet. He is really beautiful, and I adore the lash pic. So soft and gorgeous. These are stunning.

Emily: He has THE most gorgeous eyes! Love the colors in the first one :)

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