My Sweet Boy – Clifton Park, NY Newborn Photographer

September 21, 2009

I am so behind editing and posting Jack’s daily photos, but rest assured, they will be coming:).  According to Lightroom, I have 1500+ photos tagged “Jack” in my computer right now!

My favorite images from my clients’ newborn sessions are almost always parent/baby shots.  I just love the connection and the unadulterated love and joy they capture.  I couldn’t resist sharing a few that my darling husband took of me and baby Jack yesterday–on his 15-day birthday:).

Me and my sweet boy:

There’s nothing easy about getting dolled up for portraits so soon after giving birth (especially if you’re the photographer too!), but I am so grateful to have these.  I know I will treasure them forever.

Marie Gross: That last one--aah! So beautiful!

Angela Allington: Yep, he looks like his momma!!!

Shannon Morgan Photography: Do you think it is weird that i want that last picture blown up big in my home :)!!! he he, seriously is is STUNNING!!!!!!

Gemma Higgins-Sears: gosh, that last image is just divine. gorgeous!

Cindy: Wow, I have to agree, that last photo is stunning. I'm so excited to meet little peanut baby in Nov.

Cheryl Bouck: Jessica, these pictures are amazing! Congratulations!

Courtney Brown: So gorgeous! I love how your hair (that I'm still so jealous of) creates such a beautiful backdrop in the last photo.

Dana: Somehow I missed these before! Absolutely stunning, Jessica - I am blown away. What a treasure to have these.

Jaimie: That last one just blows me away. Completely beautiful! Fabulous work!

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