8 Days – Clifton Park, NY Newborn Photographer

September 16, 2009

I can’t believe how fast this little peanut is growing!  His face and hands are filling out so quickly.  We just adore every single thing about him!

LOVE the little smile on this one:).

Love those lips:).

For some reason, he just looks so angelic to me in this one:

And, of course, the “my mom is a total nut-job with that camera, but I’ll humor her because she keeps me so well-fed” look:

Love you, baby boy!

Kate: Oh, what a sweet, sweet boy! Yea! Finally get to see him with his eyes open. His cheeks are totally filling out. I see some of his big sister B in him. Love, love, love that last one. The expression makes him look like he knows something....so content and a little flirtatious!

Heather: These are all just simply amazing. I love them all so, so much!

Shannon Morgan Photography: oh those are amazing!! you must be in heaven right now!! :)!!

Megan: Almost makes me wish I had another! So sweet.

Melinda D: So adorable!

Cherron: Looking through all of these photos of Peanut make me anticipate my little one so much!! :)

Missy: What a gorgeous little one! Great job momma!!!

Krysten: Gosh, could he be any sweeter? Great job with the sling shots!!

Gemma Higgins-Sears: Congratulations! He is DIVINE... gorgeous images!

Edna: Grandma wants to hold this little bundle! He'll be so much bigger by the time I get to see him! Thank goodness for your photos! It's not the same, but I can imagine his softness because of the quality of the shots!

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