Pure Sweetness – Waterford, NY Newborn Photographer

July 6, 2009

So, I mentioned in my last post that I just got back from the most amazing workshop in San Diego with the Baby as Art team.  Carrie and Britt were an inspiration to watch and so generous with their time, talent and information.  Their creativity and attention to detail is simply unmatched, and if you don’t know their work you really need to go check it out.  I was understandably beyond excited to shoot my first post-workshop newborn session, and could not have asked for a sweeter, prettier or more compliant model than 11-day old baby Lily–pure baby perfection!  And with that, I’ll let the images speak for themselves:).

This might be my favorite:

Could mom be any more beautiful?!

I am almost certain I’ll have to post some more here on the blog, as this is just the very tip of the iceburg of a truly amazing session, but I still have three other shoots to proof from my trip.  Check back for more squishy sweetness in a week or so.

Carrie Sandoval: Amazing session, Jessica! Would love to see more!

Tina: So amazing! The lighting is perfect. You did an absolutely fantastic job!

Keri: Gorgeous Jess!! I love every one of these!

melissa: Jessica these are stunning! She is just beautiful - and mom looks so amazing!

Jaimie: Wow! These are perfect! What an amazing session! Great work!

Julie: beautiful! mom looks glowing!

Heather: I am totally in love with the first shots. The unity of the creamy skin and the peaches in the wrap and the blanket are so dreamy.

shay: Absolutely beautiful! The baby is perfect and the images are amazing!

Melissa: Beautiful work!

Aimee: love, love, love the 2nd one! They are all amazing though...lovely job!

Laurie: These are amazing Jessica! What a beautiful baby!!!

Edna: Who would have thought your work could be even more beautiful than it already was? Not me! But, oh, what a lucky mom that she asked you to capture the beauty of something so fresh from the presence of God!

Angela: Gorgeous! All of them, just amazing!

April: yay! I love them I can't wait to see the rest :)

Kristen: She is an absolute beauty! Great job capturing her sweetness for all to see. :)

amber: what a darling big lil girl :) she's so pretty!!! i love her in daddy's hands!!!

Baby as Art Workshop » June Geniuses.

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Jane Eaton Hamilton: That first one, sheer perfection. It is my fave, too.

Andria Laws: Oh my goodness those are INCREDIBLE pictures!

Melissa Mooradian: That first image is amazing. The light is perfect. You do a wonderful job with newborns!

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