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July 20, 2009

It’s pretty obvious that I love to photograph newborn babies.  I just love their perfect little button noses, those sweet lips, that beyond-soft downy hair, and their teeny-tiny toesies–it’s almost intoxicating.  I look forward to each and every newborn session.  Well, imagine my excitement when I pulled up to meet my newest (GORGEOUS) maternity client.  Seriously, with parents like these, baby boy can’t help but be adorable.  I may be almost as excited as the new-parents-to-be to for him to arrive.

I love silhouettes, but there’s just something extra-special about this one–LOVE it!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening.  It’s obvious how much you two love each other–you’re going to be fabulous parents!

Stephanie Bowling: Wow! These are stunning! I LOVE that third one!

Aimee: Gorgeous work Jessica...beautiful!

kati: oh wow, these are some of the best maternity pictures I've seen. The black w/ the red is perfect! Gorgeous all the way!

amanda: Oh the outside one and the "S curve" one is just PERFECT.

Melinda D: Gorgeous! She is beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing this special time in her life!

Jaimie: Amazing! I love them all, but that red wrap...and the silhouette...and the field photo--wow! Amazing work!

Michelle: Beautiful! The silhouette is just perfect.

Cherron: Beautiful! I love them all, but yes, there is something amazing about that silhouette!

Laurie: Oh wow, these are so soft and pretty! Fantastic job, can hardly wait for the baby!

Keri: Stunning! This couple is gorgeous...I can't wait to see the newborn photos!

Angela: Such beautiful and dramatic lighting...wonderful job!

Megan: These are wonderful! Love the silho!

Krysten: What a beautiful couple! You did an amazing job, I can't wait to see their newborn photos. :)

Stacy: These are so nice... they seen very meaningful, emotionful.. so so nice1

Libby: Beautiful! The 3rd image is just breathtaking!

Debbra: Beautiful Jessica! Love the lighting on the 3rd one! Amazing!

Tina: Oh my! These are perfect. What a beautiful mom to be and your lighting is great!

Li: Wow! Stunning portraits!! Your lighting is beautiful in these.

Julia: AMAZING use of light! Fantastic session!

christine: Gorgeous mama! Great work Jessica

Heather: I just love that second one! What a great angle. Can't wait to see the baby boy too!

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Jo Ann Trezza: Stunning couple, you can see the love.

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