Busy, Busy, Busy – NY Child Photographer

July 13, 2009

If my experience the other day shooting two different sets of two-year-old twins in one evening taught me anything, it’s that you CANNOT be over-prepared.  E and A were so super sweet but, like all two-year-olds, were able to find many, many things more interesting than a photo shoot with mom and dad.  Good thing I’ve got a two-year-old of my own and a few tricks up my sleeve;).

Seriously, how cute are they together?  I asked mom and dad if they were good friends and they responded with a resounding, “Yes!”  I think it definitely shows.

When staying in the same general vicinity as mom and dad started to lose its appeal, we brought out the bubbles.

And when the novelty of bubbles wore off, we brought out something even better–sugar:).  Look at those eyes!

Mom is an ASL interpreter, and I loved this shot we caught when I asked little E what the sign for candy was.  I don’t know what’s sweeter, the lollipop or his sweet, little face:).

I had so much fun with you guys.  Thanks for being so patient with me–there’s lots more to come!

shay: Great job Jess! The kids are adorable!

nicholle: adorable kids! love their gorgeous eyes!

Melissa: fabulous work! Sugar will always bring out the smiles ;)

Aimee: Oh my goodness, those are cute! Love the first two! Great job!

Libby: Nice work! they are really adorable kids with great eyes!

Stephanie Bowling: You did such a great job of capturing their personalities! These are beautiful pictures!

Summer: Oh man Jess, these kids are ADORABLE! Love the eyes!

amber: ooo these two are darling! lil sis is soo soo pretty!!! her eyes are beautiful! you have some great portraits here for mom to chose from!

Dana: What an awesome session! Those kids are too cute! My favorite is the first hugging picture - that would be huge in my house!

Candice: I love that they are my niece and nephew! You did such a great job capturing their love for each other and friendship! Almost brought a tear to my eye!

Cherron: Oh, I looove it! The last two are the best.

christine: These totally made me smile! You captured them perfectly!!

Laurie: oh my gosh, they are so sweet I can hardly stand it! What a wonderful session!!!

Jaimie: Fantastic work! Two year olds are hard, not to mention two at once! These are great, mom and dad are going to be thrilled.

Li: These are wonderful!! The hugs and kisses are just TOO cute!! Beautiful job on these, Jess!

Marcie: Great job Jess - you are brave woman! The sibling shots are to die for :)

jill hardy: wow!!!! i am amazed at your talent for catching them in the same shot! lol! great pics, beautiful family!

Angela: So adorable! You caught so many cute moments! Nicely done!

Keri: These are all fabulous!!! What a beautiful family...the kids are just precious!

Krysten: Oh my!! Those first two shots are just SO precious!!

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