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June 19, 2009

I am a little hesitant to post the photos below because, well, just because:).  They do however illustrate a very important point that I have been wanting to share for a while now, so I am going to go ahead.

I never anticipated enjoying shooting maternity sessions as much as I do.  I must admit that I originally viewed them more as a vehicle for getting to know the new moms of the babies I would eventually get to photograph.  The more I work with these amazing and beautiful women, however, the more I come to love this aspect of my job.  Pregnancy is an almost magical thing.  The fact that our bodies are capable of creating, protecting, and giving life to these beautiful little people is a bit mind-boggling to me.  On the other hand, pregnancy can also be a time of physical discomfort and, for some of us, a time we feel less than beautiful.  I think sometimes we develop a warped and incorrect view of how we look.  I recently had a client comment after viewing her portraits, “I guess I’m not really as big as I think I am,” and another, “You did make me look good!”  For me, the greatest pleasure of a maternity shoot is showing a mom-to-be just how stunning she really is.

This past weekend, I decided to jump in myself and set up some shots for my darling, sweet, patient husband to take of me.  The pictures aren’t perfect and neither am I, but I walked away from the experience feeling better about myself than I had in the past few days.  Too many comments like, “Wow, that’s gonna be a big boy!,” “Are you sure they checked for twins?,” and “Man, you just POPPED right out there!” had started to take their toll.  With all the physical changes that come with pregnancy, the fatigue, the absent-mindedness, etc., it can be difficult to get in front of the camera.  But it is so important.  Your body changes every day and the work it is doing all on it’s own to create a new little baby is simply amazing.  It should be embraced and celebrated!  If pregnancy has made you camera-shy, I urge you to get prettied-up, find some good light and have someone take some pictures of the miracle you are.  You’ll be glad you did, and one day your kids will be too.

Me at 26.5 weeks:).

Julia: Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. So graceful and beautifully done! :) Awesome job.

Heather: You are gorgeous, Jess! Simply lovely.

Cherron: Ahhh! Stunning Mama! These are beautiful and you look so gorgeous. Not only am I envious of your hair (why did I cut all mine off and why isn't it growing faster! I miss my curls) but I think I'm bigger than you at not quite 17 weeks. :P

Summer: Gorgeous... both the photographs AND you. Goodness, the serenity and grace... just perfect Jessica! wow

Andria Laws: You are so beautiful Jessica, I love the pictures. I just recently heard the news that you're having a boy! Congratulations! I am very excited for you and you guys. For me, having a different sex after 3 of a kind was like being a first time Mom all over again. I'm excited for you to experience that same feeling. Enjoy your pregnancy, you truly are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever known.....and I mean beautiful all the way until your due date. (I saw how cute you were when you were pregnant with Julia) (; I miss you.

Jaimie: You are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful mama! It's hard to remind ourselves of just how beautiful pregnancy really is, but I think the things you said and the photos you posted showcase that beautifully.

jill hardy: your post made me cry...you look absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Great job hubby, and great job to you for getting in front of that camera!!!! xoxo

Janice: You look amazing!! I absolutely adore the last one! You are one beautiful pregnant momma!!

Edna Washburn: Alan did a magnificent job: of taking the photos and choosing a wife.

shannon: these are STUNNING!!!

amanda: You look FABULOUS! Love these- can't wait to see you progress!

Meagan Caton: WOW! These are awesome and I'm not just saying that. After reading your post on JSO I was kind of wondering just how much you had "popped" out there but gosh, your stomach is perfect. You have been justified by everyone elses comments I'm sure but want you to know that I too think you make a beautiful pregnant momma. By the way, your husband isn't your assistant yet?! Heck I don't many assistants that are that laid back. You're a lucky woman.

Pam C.: Congratulations! Such wonderful news.

Kate: Jessica, these photos literally took my breath away. Gorgeous! You are a goddess!!

Amy: You look beautiful!

Tiffany: Beautiful and teeny tiny as ever!!

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