March 23, 2009

Ah, finally!  We have the new blog up and running!  I am so excited about how beautifully this blog layout shows off the images.  Thanks for taking a peek:).

Tiffany Jones: You are an amazing photographer. What a gift! I wish I lived in NY!

Heather: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your web page is beautiful! I am soo excited for you to let more of the world know of your incredible talent!

Mom Washburn: Can we fly you to Utah and have you take photos of all your in-laws--pregnant and non-pregnant ones?

--> Jessica: I would love you to!

Mom Washburn: Ooh, I have the greatest idea! How about setting up your camera so you can do a shot of both Lisa and you! How fabulous would that be??

Katy R: I hope you're planning a trip out West sometime soon because we're desperately in need of updated family pictures, and after looking at your work I'll never be content with anyone else!

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